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Dare promotes children’s rights!

Almost a year ago, sixteen year old climate activist Greta Thunberg said started the School Strike for Climate, protesting for action against climate change outside the Swedish parliament building. Despite her young age, she decided to make a stand about an issue that affects all of us. Greta’s inspiring actions show that children and young people can make a difference in their world. In her 2018 TED Talk, she said “we can’t change the world by playing by the rules, because the rules have to be changed”. 

This rebellious spirit reminds us of the message of Dare, a beautiful poem that inspires children to be like Greta and speak up for what they believe in! The main character is also a young girl who protests for banning the use of plastic to save our oceans. We see her making a sign to take to the protest with a look of intense determination, as her cat looks on inquisitively.
At Tiny Owl, we believe that children’s opinions matter. We want this book to give them the courage to say NO to the injustices they see in the world. Written by Lorna Gutierrez and illustrated by Polly Noakes, Dare features a diverse cast of children who all dare to be themselves! It reminds adults and children alike that we all have the right to express our true selves, whether it’s through protest, dance, drawing, playing an instrument or something else. Although it may not seem like it, children have the agency to change their worlds.
We hope that this fun book will inspire young readers to be bold and stand up for their rights!
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