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Staying Hopeful Through Change

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Alive Again is a story of hope and renewal.

As lockdown is slowly easing, we are able to go outside for longer, see our friends from a distance, and some can even go back to school! The phased reopening of schools has put a lot of pressure on teachers and schools over the last few weeks. As changes take place, things need to be done in the safest manner possible. Extra thought and care must go into this process, taking into account travel, class sizes, and playtime. Some children might be feeling confused. They may have felt that, as the lockdown continued, they might never be able to do any of these activities again.

Ahmadreza Ahmadi’s Alive Again is a story of hope and renewal. The child has a fear of things being forgotten because they have not been seen. It shows children that, even if something disappears for a while, it will come back again. They will see their grandparents, their friends, and their teachers again. They will be able to play in the sunshine and jump in puddles. They will see how important their time staying inside was, how helpful they have been to everyone they love because the world around them will feel alive again.

Written by Amber Garvey, Tiny Owl intern 

  • review by Book Trust: A reassuring tale about the philosophical nature of language and being
  • review by Armadillo Magazine: a thought-provoking book
  • review by Patricia Nozell: A wonderful book to share with children in the “why” phase
  • review by Annie Everall for Carousel Magazine: story about exploring language and understanding the world

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