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Cinderella of the Nile is a Bookseller Ones to Watch
Cinderella of the Nile is a Bookseller Ones to Watch

Pre-order Cinderella of the Nile 

We were thrilled to find out that The Bookseller has featured our upcoming  book, Cinderella of the Nile, as this month’s ‘Ones to Watch’. The list which features other books from across genres, put Cinderella of the Nile as the picture book to watch.

Cinderella of the Nile is a retelling of the earliest known version of the Cinderella story by award-winning South-African author Beverley Naidoo. A Greek girl called Rhodopis is abducted from her home by bandits, and sold into slavery in Egypt. Her new master gives her a gift of a beautiful pair of red slippers, which makes all the other girls jealous of Rhodopis. When the falcon Horus swoops in and steals the slippers it leads Rhodopis and the King of Egypt together. Cinderella of the Nile features vibrant illustrations from acclaimed Iranian author Marjan Vafaeian who uses bright colours to bring the story to life.

Cinderella of the Nile is the first in Tiny Owl’s new project, One Story Many Voices, which aims to retell famous stories from unique perspectives. We’re incredibly excited about this new series and thrilled to be featured in The Bookseller.

Cinderella of the Nile will be published on 14th May, and is available to pre-order now.

  • Meet the illustrator of Cinderella of the Nile, Marjan Vafaeian, in this blog post

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