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Cinderella of the Nile is full of rich hues!

U.S. based publishing journal Publishers Weekly have written a fab review of Cinderella of the Nile! American fans of Tiny Owl can get your hands on it in July. Read the review below!

The ancient Mediterranean slave trade drives the plot of this 2,000-year-old legend retold by Naidoo. A girl named Rhodopis (Greek for “rosy-cheeked”) is celebrated for her beauty, but pirates know that “a girl like this could be sold for a fat bag of silver coins.” Like a river, Rhodopis’s story rolls by many things: a sojourn with the owner of the legendary field slave Aesop—who tells her a fable of trees and reeds, emphasizing that because the reeds bend, they do not break—and a place with a Greek merchant who treats her like a daughter, sparking the jealousy of his Egyptian servants (three malicious sisters). From here, the parallels with “Cinderella” emerge, as a slipper stolen by Horus the falcon god unites Rhodopis and the Pharaoh. Vafaeian’s richly hued and intricately detailed folk-style illustrations offer a visual counterpoint to a complex tale. Ages 7–11. (Jul.)

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