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Gloria’s Porridge focuses on the importance of sharing, friendship and open communication, while Sorry, Mrs Cake! talks about respect, and listening to others!


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We loved these fun reviews of Gloria’s Porridge and Sorry, Mrs Cake! by Kate Heap from Scope for Imagination! Read them below!

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This book focuses on friendship, sharing and honesty

Gloria’s Porridge by Elizabeth Laird & Toby Newsome

Gloria’s Porridge is a fun, action-packed story based on an Ethiopian folktale.

Gloria is making porridge but she is so greedy that she doesn’t want to share it with anyone, even her cat. When she runs out to collect some water, cat grabs his chance and gobbles up all the porridge. The result is chaos! Gloria is cross, shaking her spoon at him and causing him to dash out and startle the donkey. The donkey shakes the tree, upsetting the bees. The bees panic and frighten the hen. The hen scatters her corn everywhere!

Everything has gone wrong! The noise, fuss and bother are just too much! Clever fox sorts it all out and everyone cleans up their mess, realising that one small, greedy act can set off a chain reaction of trouble.

The friendly illustrations show the charm and personality of each animal. Children will laugh at their antics, carried along by the infectious energy of this lovely story.

An interesting story focus on listening to small voices.

Sorry, Mrs Cake! by Kate Milner

Sorry, Mrs Cake! is a thought-provoking, discussion-inspiring story about respect, kindness and the importance of listening, even to the smallest voices.

A young boy and his cat are desperate to tell everyone about all of the wonderfully delicious things Mrs Cake has baked. No one is listening: the dads, the mums, the big kids, the grandmas, the grandpas… They’re all too busy chatting and doing their own thing. Finally, the cat has an idea and everyone soon realises the error of their ways. There’s only one thing to do – apologise to Mrs Cake.

With so much to look at on every page, young readers will be able to fill in their own descriptions of the events that are causing the boy all this trouble.


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