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When I Coloured in the World explores colour and emotion!

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When I Coloured in the World reminds you of the good!

We’re delighted with this brilliant review of When I Coloured in the World from blog Valley Storytime, based in Nova Scotia, Canada. It’s wonderful to see Tiny Owl books spreading hope and positivity throughout the world! Read Angela’s review below!


The world is topsy turvy right now. With recent events here in Nova Scotia, and with COVID-19 keeping us all at home and slightly on edge, I wanted to remind everyone that there are books that can help soothe the soul. And while our library is currently not open to the public, it will be again some day, and then you can take home a pile of books to remind you about the good in humans. And these are perfect to share with a child, as well as a nice balm for adults.

With a box of crayons and an eraser, one child sets off to change the world. She rubs out words like darkness, desert, flood, and war, replacing them with colours that change to peace and light. The poetic text of When I Coloured in the World (2019, Tiny Owl) was written by Ahmadreza Ahmadi, a contemporary Iranian poet. The illustrations are a good compliment to the story, with the colours of the crayon box filling the pages. This book can help children see that they can change the world by recognizing problems and thinking of ways to fix them, even if it begins with a drawing and a box of crayons. An nice exploration of colour and emotion as well.  If you want to hear it read aloud by a young storyteller, head to THIS video.

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