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The Phoenix of Persia is a story about family and forgiveness

Teacher Louise Gahan for Reading Zone has written a great review of The Phoenix of Persia! She gave it five stars! Read the review below!

The Phoenix of Persia is based on a story from the Shahnameh, an Iranian poem and one of the great epics of world literature. It is a story reminiscent of Snow White where a King awaits the birth of his son, only to banish him to the forest when the child is born with white hair. We are then taken on a magical journey where myth and culture weave their magic and where the boys salvation lies in the grace of a Phoenix adorned with flashes of red and gold fluttering wings.

This is a folk story about family and forgiveness, rich both in its storytelling qualities and beautiful vivid illustrations. Tiny Owl publications are dedicated in pairing authors and illustrators from different countries and cultures together to produce culturally diverse stories such as this. This is a book that everyone should read, children and adults alike will not help to be captivated but its message of forgiveness and celebration of difference.

Picture book / Ages 5+ / Reviewed by Louise Gahan, teacher

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