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when i coloured in the world
When I Coloured in the World


When all the world was dark, the child took a yellow crayon to give light to the world. -‌Based on When I Coloured in the World

It has been an unsettling time after Brexit for some of us. Sita Brahmachari wrote in the Guardian that children have become anxious about the the consequences of the referendum. She suggests that books can help children find hope and strength in these unsettling times. At Tiny Owl we have been witnessing the worries and highlighted sentiments growing in children. We agree that the best way to return hope, love, and strength to them, is reading beautiful, meaningful books.

When I Coloured-in the World
When I Coloured-in the World

For younger readers (and also the older ones and grown ups), we recommend When I Coloured in the World. This is a story of a creative mind, feeling the ability to change the world with a box of crayons. At times of despair and depression, we learn from the child in this story to bring in colour to the world and change it eventually. Darkness changes to light, crying to laughter, despair to hope.



All over the world children smiled.
They ran into the fields and up the hills
Looking at the beautiful new life growing all around.
I gave the world hope.


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