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A review from a secondary school teacher.

Chalk Eagle
Chalk Eagle

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We believe that Chalk Eagle is a fantastic book for every single school. With its bold screen printed illustrations it empowers children to become storytellers and breaks down the barriers between us. But don’t just take our word for it; we asked a secondary school teacher of foreign languages and received a fantastic response.

Our teacher recognised that wordless picture books such as Chalk Eagle could encourage students from different learning abilities and cultural backgrounds to come together in the classroom. Everyone can read along with the same book ignoring the things which usually divide them. Isn’t this a beautiful image?

As a teacher of foreign languages, she believes that Chalk Eagle could be wonderful way to teach languages to children. She said, ‘I could get the students to use the pictures to write a story in German’. The bold illustration and universal theme inspires storytelling from the reader. Why not tell these stories in another language?

We think that wordless picture books like Chalk Eagle need to be more widely recognised in schools for the treasure trove that they are. In just one story, there are thousands of stories for your children to tell. So if you’re a teacher, let us know how you would teach Chalk Eagle.

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