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Chalk Eagle
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We are thrilled to announce that our brand new wordless picture book is published today. After all the build-up, we’re excited that you can finally get your hands on this stunning book. Chalk Eagle is Tiny Owl’s third wordless picture book, coming after Little Eli by Laura Bellini, and The Lion Tattoo, which was based on a tale by Rumi and illustrated by Atefeh Maleki Joo. Chalk Eagle is ideal for all ages but is geared towards ages 6+.

Chalk Eagle, illustrated by Nazli Tahvili, tells the tale of a boy who lives in the heart of a bustling city. He dreams of adventure in the wide-open world, but his dreams remain dreams, until one day he sees an eagle flying overhead. The swooping eagle gives the little boy a big idea, and he decides to draw himself and the eagle out of chalk. Together they can fly off on all the adventures that the boy craves.

This story is one of hope, creativity and the power of the imagination. It is an inspiring tale for children and adults alike, filled with bold and beautiful screen printed illustration. Unrestrained by words, Chalk Eagle allows you and your children to take the lead in telling your own story, making it the perfect book for expanding story-telling skills and literacy development. So please, fly off on your imagination as you read this fantastic wordless picture book.

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