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A review of Chalk Eagle by Jenny Duke an ex teacher and literary consultant 

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I am loving Chalk Eagle. What an inspiring opportunity to read without words. For all ages to respond and develop their own stories, maybe aloud, or maybe silently in their heads.

When reading Chalk Eagle lots of questions come to mind. “What can you see?” “What’s happening?” “What are they doing?” ” What you do you think they are thinking?” “What can they see?” “Listen carefully. What can you hear?” “Why do you think they are there?” “What’s going to happen next?”

In each spread Nazli Tahvili has chosen a unique point of view. She presents such opportunity to involve and engage children in an imaginative journey.

How empowering for every child, especially children for whom English is not their first language, to be on equal footing with others, collaborating with the artist/author to create their own narrative.

Jenny Duke is a children’s book illustrator who will be working on an upcoming Tiny Owl project. So keep your eyes peeled.  

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