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Read a wonderful review of Chalk Eagle by Outside in World:

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This unusual wordless picture book by award-winning Iranian artist Nazli Tahvili is a testament to the power of imagination. A young boy and his cat companion sit looking out of a window over a busy city and spot an eagle swooping overhead. The boy dreams of what it would be like to fly away over mountains and rivers. With a piece of white chalk he begins to draw on the rooftop, first drawing an eagle and then himself. Once completed the two fly away together embarking on a wonderful adventure.

Tahvili is an author/illustrator of over 20 picture books. Chalk Eagle is inspired by the memories of her husband Amin’s childhood, who often drew an eagle with chalk on the rooftop of his house. The original screen-printed illustrations with their limited colour palette of green, white and blue are influenced by their home in the north of Iran, which is surrounded by green rice fields and blue skies.

Chalk Eagle is perfect for storytelling and allowing a child’s imagination to soar.

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