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Celebrate empowering women with our bundle offer!

Empower the little readers in your life with our Women’s Day bundle!

Looking for children’s books which champion empowering women for the little readers in your life? Why not buy our Women’s Day bundle?

While all of our books strive to bring the importance of equality to the fore, in honour of Women’s Day, we’ve put together a special bundle of Tiny Owl books that challenge stereotypes and celebrate the strengths of women as well as men!

The bundle includes a limited edition signed hardback copy of The Parrot and the Merchant as well as paperback editions of Dare and Cinderella of the Nile

Offer ends midnight Sunday 8th March.


Buy International Women’s Day book bundle: £25.00

Dare, Cinderella of the Nile (paperbacks) and The Parrot and the Merchant (signed hardback)

UK only


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