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Children can develop their empathy skills through the books they read!

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Tomorrow is Empathy Day. This campaign, put on by EmpathyLab, aims to raise awareness about the importance of reading books with empathy and how children can be taught this important skill through picture books.

Expressing empathy has the power to change lives. People across the world are currently going through two major life events, the Covid-19 pandemic and the continued calls for an end to racism through the Black Lives Matter movement. People have lost loved ones, friends and important people in their lives.  Learning about empathy and how much change it can bring to the world is an important life lesson for children, and it is never to early to learn. Children are not going to understand why things like this happen and it is essential that they know how they can help fight against them. Tiny Owl has books by authors and illustrators from around the world, that can help with the initial understanding of empathy.

Felix After the Rain uses words as well as powerful visual details to show children a different perspective on how someone’s might deal with feeling sad or anxious. Have they ever felt like that before? If their friend was feeling worried and upset what would they do?

Fair Shares will teach children about both equity and equality. Sometimes, it is not enough just to treat everyone equally. In order to keep everything fair, some people may need more help than others.

Bloom is about kindness. People grow through kindness and wilt under selfishness and meanness. Kindness is absolutely essential during this time. You never know what other people are going through.

There’s Room for Everyone is something everyone needs to learn. No one deserves to be treated differently because of how they look or who they love.

There are so many ways we can show empathy today, tomorrow and forever. Thank your health care workers, carers, supermarket workers and all essential workers who have been integral to the UK’s survival during this pandemic. Read diverse books and support Black authors. For more information on Black Lives Matter, including petitions and ways to donate, click here.

Written by Amber Garvey, Tiny Owl intern

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