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The Boy Who Cried Wolf as reviewed by: Books for Keeps

This is an unusual visual slant – literally – on a well-known Aesop’s fable, although the story itself is one that goes back much further and has many cultural variants around the world. Indeed the global nature of the story is reflected in the illustrative perspective Mahni Tazhibi uses. Bored with looking after his father’s sheep on the hillside, a young boy decides to create a diversion by claiming that a wolf has designs on…


The Clever Mouse as reviewed by Books for Keeps

This translated Iranian folk tale is rather old fashioned in layout, with richly coloured illustration on one side of a double page and text set on an opposing white page. It’s a fable about Mr Koochi, an ordinary, hard working and eminently deserving mouse (very much like the voter all the parties were pitching for in the late general election) who takes it into his head to marry the King’s daughter (how’s that for aspiration).…


‘LITTLE BLACK FISH and picture books from Persia’: The Pirate Tree and also on Reader Kidz

The Little Black Fish as reviwed by: The Pirate Tree The same review has published on Reader Kidz as well. by nancyboflood • May 4, 2015 I share with you a treasure. Tiny Owl is a brand new children’s picture book publisher. Their 2015 “first books out,” present some of the best stories and best illustrators from Persia. What a variety – from Rumi’s fables to contemporary stories of Behrangi. The images are colorful, engaging…