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Discover your own rainbows

Read a fabulous review of A Rainbow in My Pocket by Melanié McGilloway for Armadillo: Can you fit a rainbow in your pocket? The little girl in this beautifully lyrical Iranian picture book seems to think so. Of course, real rainbows won’t fit, but all you need to do is to make your dreams so big you can put lots of things inside them: keep a small piece of paper in your pocket and write…


A lovely cautionary tale about the nature of cats

Read a nice review of Will & Nill by Melanié McGilloway for Armadillo: Meet Will and Nill, two alley cats who have little in common apart from one major thing: being hungry. While Nill will happily bask in the sun all day despite his belly rumbling, Will is desperate to do something to forget about the empty pit in his stomach. But laziness can make you lose out on many opportunities, which Nill eventually discovers.…


What would happen to Nill at the end of the book?

We have had the pleasure of reading a lovely review of ‘Will and Nill’ sent to us by Nikan Ar. He is 15 and he is a student in London. The review is very well written and is inspiring to say the least. Thank you Nikan!   Will and Nill is a very beautiful picture book that uses life messages not only for children but for people of all ages. Although the book is about two…