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A magical sense of the richness of other people’s lives

Here’s a wonderful review of Tahmineh’s Beautiful Bird by Terry Potter from The Letterpress Project: One of the magical things that children’s picture books can do is to introduce younger readers to diverse cultures in a non-colonial, unpatronising way that gives them a sense of the richness of other people’s lives. Of course for that to happen however there need to be publishers prepared to go out and find the best writers and artists, translate…

The Little Black Fish

Beautifully produced books with a wide variety of illustration styles

Read a lovely review of Tiny Owl’s books by Philip Davies from Montessori St Nicholas: This publishing house was co-founded by Delaram Ghanimifard to produce books reflecting her Iranian culture through the work of writers and  illustrators from that country, and since 2015 Tiny Owl has published 16 books that celebrate the heritage of Persian culture in this way. These include the ‘Tales by Rumi’ series that introduce the work of the great thirteenth century…


Experiencing greater understanding of a global world

Here’s a lovely review of our panel event with Ehsan Abdollahi and Friends at the House of Illustration, written by Sue Martin at Books Go Walkabout:   Ehsan is an award-winning illustrator of children’s books, his work is published through Tiny Owl Publishers. He teaches at Tehran’s top Honar (Art) University and he is currently in the UK to attend the Edinburgh International Book Festival and other engagements. On Thursday 10th August he joined a…


A beautiful book with an urgent and necessary message

We love this wonderful review of A Bottle of Happiness from Terry Potter at the Letterpress Project! How can you measure the value of happiness? Pippa Goodhart’s fable invites children to consider whether material wealth is always the best thing to be chasing after or whether being rich in happiness and community spirit can be more fulfilling. On either side of a high mountain live two separate communities – one that is rich in resources that…


An opportunity for parents to discuss themes of selflessness and kindness

Read a wonderful review of The Elephant’s Umbrella by Jane Hall for Carousel Magazine, Summer issue:   The Elephant’s Umbrella by Laleh Jafari tells the story of a very wise umbrella. Elephant is kind and generous, always sharing his umbrella whenever needed. One day though the wind whisks the umbrella away, and it is found by a delighted leopard. But when the umbrella asks, “if I become yours… where will you take me when it…