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“Thank You Tiny Owl. This is how to improve the world” – David Almond

David Almond is one of the best and most prominent authors in the world and of course in the UK. He has a remarkable role to improve the quality of writing for children. Many authors of the younger generation have been inspired by him. Thankfully he is a big fan of translated books, and therefore he has been supporting Tiny Owl Publishing since it has been established. In the previous days, the Guardian has displayed…


‘Love Tiny Owl books’ – Jackie Morris

We knew Jackie Morris as a prominent figure in the field of children’s books illustrations. She stands out as an artist. It has hardly fair to go by without saying that a good number of children -and their parents – grow up with fond memories of her illustrations in the books they have read. She tweeted about Tiny Owl Publishing several times today. In one of them she wrote: @TinyOwl_Books You may be a tiny…