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A Bird Like Himself as described by The Guardian reader

Very happy to see this piece in The Guardian by one of the readers, chosen A Bird Like Himself for their children Cian and Reily and described it great. Here is the text and their lovely photo: One of Cian’s favourite words at the moment is “birdy” so this book looked promising. Reilly enjoyed hearing the story about a bird who hatches alone and in the absence of any natural parents is looked after by…


There’s Still Room for Quality

Chris McLauren, Saltway’s manager and Tiny Owl’s sales & marketing rep, has had an interview with Publishing Prespectives recently during his Frankfort Book Fair attendance. The interview is mostly about Tiny Owl quality books. Read his interview with Andrew Wilkins :   SaltWay’s Chris McLaren enjoys a challenge, so when one of the UK-based distributor’s Iranian contacts told him they were moving to London to start a children’s publishing company, he took the meeting. As a result, SaltWay (6.1…


The Snowman and the Sun as reviewed by Parents in Touch

What happens to a snowman when the sun comes out? He melts, of course. And then he turns into water, evaporates, returns to the sky and falls again as rain or, as in this case, as snow. The publisher describes the book as a modern-day fable about how our attachments to people and things live on, though they change and sometimes disappear. I would use it woth young children as an excellent way to introduce…