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The Orange House

The Orange House £12.99 £5.99 (hardback) UK only PRODUCT INFO The Orange House is a unique take on the celebration of being different. The small Orange House stands at the end of the alley, feeling sad and left out as all the nearby tall buildings admire another new building being built. Her old stone stairs and pipes are no match for the new building’s elevator and brand new pipes that they say will never burst. Feeling she…


The Snowman and the Sun

The Snowman and the Sun £7.99 £5.99 (paperback) (UK only)   PRODUCT INFO The Snowman and the Sun is a simple and charming story that teaches young children about the water cycle. Where does a snowman go when he melts? Where does he go when the sun shines bright and hot? Does he go far away? And will he ever come back? The Snowman and the Sun is a modern-day fable about how our attachments to…


Tahmineh’s Beautiful Bird

Tahmineh’s Beautiful Bird £11.99 £7.99 (hardback) UK only PRODUCT INFO Tahmineh’s Beautiful Bird tells the story of a young girl from the Qashqai tribes in Iran. Tahmineh lives with her family in one of Iran’s Qashqai tribes. While minding the sheep, Tahmineh takes out her flute and plays a tune so beautiful that a bird sings along with it. Tahmineh longs to keep the bird with her, but her parents remind her that you can’t capture…