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Sorry Mrs Cake

Sorry Mrs Cake £7.99 £5.99 (paperback) UK only PRODUCT INFO From celebrated author & illustrator Kate Milner, comes a bright, witty tale celebrating the importance of listening to everyone, not just those who shout the loudest. Mrs Cake has put together a delicious spread for her friends, but they are too distracted to notice. Along with the help of an attentive little boy and his cat, Mrs Cake tries to get their attention… but that…


The Neighbourhood Surprise

The Neighbourhood Surprise £7.99 (paperback) UK only PRODUCT INFO The Neighbourhood Surprise is an inclusive tale of a community coming together to celebrate one of their own. Much to the disappointment of Koya and her friends, Mrs Fig is moving to a retirement home. Koya and her neighbours want to be included in the leaving party preparations for their dear friend! They get to work, helping their parents make delicious vegan and vegetarian food for…