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Where’s Baby Elephant?

There’s an elephant and her calf hiding somewhere in this book – can you find them? Featuring cute, ingeniously linked illustrations by Ali Khodai, there’s a new surprise on every page. It’s perfect for introducing young children to books and learning about the animal kingdom. Where’s Baby Elephant? £12.99 £8.99 (hardback) UK only PRODUCT INFO Young children will love unfolding the flaps to reveal the adorable animals and their babies, in this fun interactive book.


The Flute

The Flute £9.99 (hardback) UK only PRODUCT INFO The Flute is a vibrant, colourful picture book that introduces young children to the joy of music. Hear the whisper of the flute and see how it floats like a butterfly or blows like cold, grey wind. Discover how music can make you move and feel! Come along and sing with The Flute in Tiny Owl’s new Children, Music, Life series, created by the award-winning picture book author and artist Ken Wilson-Max. The…


The Drum

This is the drum. This is the beat. Clap your hands. Stomp your feet! Babies love song, rhythm and dance. Come along and step to the beat in Tiny Owl’s new Children. Music. Life. series created by the award-winning picture book author and artist Ken Wilson-Max. This series explores different musical instruments from around the world and how they make you feel and move! Music helps the physical, emotional, and intellectual development of babies as well as…

The New Baby and Me

The New Baby and Me!

The New Baby and Me! Out of Stock   PRODUCT INFO The New Baby and Me! is a perfect book to help brothers or sisters-to-be prepare for a new arrival in the family.   Beautifully illustrated by Hoda Haddadi, this book follows a family of five siblings as they imagine what their new baby brother will be like. Will he be a scientist or dreamer? A pirate or an artist? Each child projects their own ideas and…


A Bird Like Himself

A Bird Like Himself UK only £11.99 £5.99 (hardback)   £7.99 £3.99 (paperback) PRODUCT INFO A Bird Like Himself is an endearing animal story about an unusual family. One day a large egg is left in a forest. A baby chick makes its way into the world. But its mother isn’t there… Instead a wonderfully unlikely assortment of foster parents take over the job looking after the new baby. They give their new infant plenty…