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Our latest wordless picture book is out tomorrow


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Fans of wordless picture books can celebrate the arrival of the third, and latest, book in our Wordless Picture Book series: Caged.

Through beautiful pencil illustrations Caged tells the story of a bluebird who makes her nest next to the spot that two eccentric men have chosen for their latest construction. They have decided to create a huge palace to house many colourful parrots that they have captured. As the construction goes up, the bluebird watches on. Until, one day, the men finish their palace and step inside to admire their work, and the bluebird sees the opportunity to save the parrots, and get revenge on the men.

Caged is a witty book about freedom and ingenuity, which is perfect for any animal lover, inspiring conversation and debate between adults and children. Created by Duncan Annand, Caged will be Duncan’s picture book debut. It is the third in Tiny Owl’s Wordless Picture Book series, coming after Chalk Eagle by Nazli Tahvili and Little Eli by Laura Bellini. So, let your imagination out of its cage with Caged. 

To stay up-to-date with any news relating to Caged, or to let us know what you think of the book, please use the hashtag #TinyOwlCaged.

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  • Meet the mind behind Caged: Watch an interview with Duncan!

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