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Caged is a book that makes you think and talk!

Caged was chosen by the amazing bookshop Kenilworth Books in their spring roundup of ‘Political books for children and young adults’. Read the fab review below!

Politics is one of those topics you are not supposed to bring up in polite society – and yet understanding its complexities is essential if you are going to understand the world around you. How do you discuss politics with a child? With political events and discussion on every TV and radio programme, and determined students pushing arguments about environmental damage into the national news, enabling discussions about politics with children is increasingly important. Politics is everywhere! Here are a few books to help you and your child think and talk about what matters.

Caged is a wordless picture book designed to make you think, talk and interpret what is going on. While a bluebird builds her nest quietly in the vast forest, two eccentric gentlemen have a grander plan! They are going to build a glittering tower of birdcages, each filled with a colourful parrot. Can one tiny Bluebird work out what is going on and bring their ambitions to an end? Can one tiny creature free the rest? Caged requires its readers to pay attention, to think about what need to happen next. Thinking is not a skill learnt formally in a classroom – and yet it is essential!

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