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Caged should be savoured slowly!

Literacy magazine English 4-11 have written a fantastic review of our wordless picture book Caged by Duncan Annand. Read it below!

Many of us feel we could write a children’s book. And a picture book would be an easy start, right? Some of the artists amongst us might even decide to produce a wordless picture book — even easier, right? Wrong. If you don’t believe me — give it a try. But Duncan Annand has done it and done it brilliantly. Publishers Tiny Owl claim on the inside front cover of his first book Caged – ‘Wordless picture books hold infinite stories within them. Let your imagination soar and discover your own story.’ They are absolutely right, and Annand has created a mini masterpiece in this story where we see a bluebird slowly building a nest overlooking two top-hatted gents gradually creating a huge tiered structure in which they imprison many parrots. The fine black line drawings juxtaposed with the brilliant colours of the birds add to the poignancy of their situation. Our empathy is with the captive birds and we wonder what part the little bluebird will play in the story. He’s obviously learned a lot from watching the big cage being built; enough that when he lands gently on the top of its dome, it falls to pieces, freeing the birds, but trapping its creators. Caged works best when savoured slowly, observed closely and with time to think and talk. It’s wonderful.

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