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When I Coloured in the World

When I Coloured in the World

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When I Coloured in the World is a simple yet profound poem about changing the world by the award-winning Iranian poet Ahmadreza Ahmadi.

A child uses crayons to colour and change the world, rubbing out the bad things and replacing them with good. Boredom gives way to play, crying to laughter, war to peace and darkness to light. With a little colour and imagination, the world becomes a kinder, more hopeful place. When I Coloured In the World is a beautiful book with a simple poetic text and a profound, positive message.


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Ahmadreza Ahmadi is one of the greatest Iranian contemporary poets. He has written numerous children’s stories, some of which have won major literary awards in Iran. In 2010 he was among the five shortlisted nominees for the Hans Christian Andersen award. His books for Tiny Owl also include Alive Again (2015).





Ehsan Abdollahi is an illustrator and animator from Iran. He teaches at Tehran Art University. Ehsan is inspired by the environment and fabrics of South Iran (where he was born), and uses bold colours and rich patterns in his illustrations. Ehsan has illustrated A Bottle of Happiness (2016) and Thinker: My Puppy Poet and Me (2018) by the acclaimed African-American poet Eloise Greenfield.

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Book Trust

An unusual and deceptively simple picture book.

Jackie Morris, The Guardian

Deep, layered and beautiful.

Books for Keeps

The illustrations are bold and original.

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