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There's Room for Everyone

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There's Room for Everyone is a timeless yet topical allegory for war and the refugee crisis.


A child grows and discovers the world. As he lies awake at night, he sees there’s enough room in the sky for all the stars and the moon. When he visits the ocean, he sees there is enough room for all the fish, even for the whales.
As he grows up, he doesn’t understand why people fight for space. Surely, if we are kinder to one another, there will always be room for everyone? This is a beautiful and profound picture book — a testament of our time and a touching allegory for war and the refugee crisis. This young child’s reflections carry a profound message of peace and tolerance.

Hope in a Scary World bundle


UK only

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Author and illustrator Anahita Teymorian also works with animation in her native Iran. She has won awards at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair and the Noma Concours. Other books for Tiny Owl include The Clever Mouse (2015) and A Bird Like Himself (2015).

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The Observer

She had the idea for the tale while shouting at the TV news, but the tone isn’t angry – it’s wise and warm.

The Sunday Times

This lesson in sharing is wittily and originally rendered. 

Books for Topics

The story is timeless, and can open discussions about acceptance and kindness in any context.

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