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The Parrot and the Merchant

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The Parrot and the Merchant is a touching exploration of love and freedom, based on a tale by Rumi.

This exquisitely illustrated story is an enchanting fable exploring how hard it is to give something you love freedom. The merchant Mah Jahan loves to keep colourful birds in cages, especially a parrot who can talk to her.

But when the parrot asks her to bring something back from her trading trip to India, Mah Jahan learns a valuable lesson about how to treat the things and people you love.

Tales by Rumi bundle

Grobblechops (paperback), The Parrot and the Merchant (paperback), The Lion Tattoo, and The Jackal Who Thought He Was A Peacock (hardbacks)



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Meet the author and illustrator


Marjan Vafaeian has been creating elaborate and detailed book illustrations for 10 years. Very well received at home in Iran, her work has also won awards in international exhibitions. Marjan has also illustrated The Parrot and the Merchant, a retelling of a fable by Rumi.

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Reading Zone

This is a beautifully illustrated, enchanting story.

David Almond, The Guardian

This is how to improve the world, story by story.

Planet Picture Book

The story is simple, but it conveys an important, timeless message.

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