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Cinderella of the Nile

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Cinderella of the Nile is an Egyptian version of Cinderella is lovingly retold by the award-winning author Beverley Naidoo with vibrant and intricate illustrations by Marjan Vafaeian.

This earliest known version of Cinderella is brought to life for the modern-day reader. Rhodopis is a Greek girl who is sold into slavery by bandits and taken to Egypt. Along the way she becomes friends with the storyteller Aesop and a host of playful animals.

Her master gives her a pair of beautiful rose-red slippers, making three other servants jealous. But when Horus, the falcon, sweeps in to steal her slipper, Rhodopis has little idea that this act will lead her to the King of Egypt.

The first in our ‘One Story, Many Voices’ series, this ancient story of Cinderella finds its echo in fairy tales all over the world.

One Story Many Voices book bundle

Five books: Cinderella of the Nile, Quill Soup (paperbacks), The Phoenix of Persia, The Secret of the Tattered Shoes, Under the Great Plum Tree (hardbacks)


UK only

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Meet the author and illustrator

Beverley Naidoo is the Carnegie award-winning author of many novels for children and young adults. Brought up during the apartheid years in South Africa, much of Beverley’s writing reflects crossing boundaries and she has set her novels in South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya and the UK.
Beverley’s first novel, Journey to Jo’burg, was banned in South Africa until 1991 and has never been out of print in the UK since publication in 1985. It now appears in the Collins Modern Classics list at Harper Collins and is frequently used in schools.

Read an interview with Beverley


Marjan Vafaeian has been creating elaborate and detailed book illustrations for 10 years. Very well received at home in Iran, her work has also won awards in international exhibitions. Marjan has also illustrated The Parrot and the Merchant, a retelling of a fable by Rumi.


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The Telegraph

In this delightful retelling of an ancient Greek variant by Beverley Naidoo, our heroine wins the day without a fairy godmother or a fancy frock.

The Evening Standard

This Egyptian take on Cinderella is lovingly retold through clever text and vibrant and intricate illustrations.

Publishers Weekly

Vafaeian’s richly hued and intricately detailed folk-style illustrations offer a visual counterpoint to a complex tale.

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