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Chalk Eagle

Chalk Eagle

£10.99 £7.99 (paperback)

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Chalk Eagle is a wordless picture book about the power of imagination, bringing to life every child’s
dream of soaring into the sky.

A young boy living in the heart of a busy city spots an eagle swooping overhead, and dreams of what it would be like to fly away and soar over mountains and rivers. Using a little chalk he draws his own eagle – and then himself – into existence. The two fly away together, and embark on a wonderful adventure of the boy’s own imagination. With original screenprinted illustrations by the award-winning Iranian artist Nazli Tahvili, this wordless picture book is a testament to the power of imagination and brings to life every child’s dream of soaring into the sky.

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Chalk Eagle and Caged (paperbacks)


UK only


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Meet the author and illustrator


Born in 1980, Nazli Tahvili is an author/illustrator of over 20 picture books. She has won many awards including the Special Prize of Nami Island International. Nazli studied Art and Architecture at Azad University in Tehran and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna.


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A wordless picture book that is a beautifully produced work of art.

Children's Books Ireland

The artwork opens up an amazing, imaginative world.

Books for Keeps

Tahvili creates a dreamscape between reality and imagination.

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