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A Bottle of Happiness

Read a wonderful review of A Bottle of Happiness by Marzena Currie for The School Library Association journal, vol. 65 no.1 Spring 2017. 


When Pim sets off to see what’s on the other side of the mountain, he’s amazed at the level of wealth of the town he visits, and yet he notices that there is something he can give to the rich neighbours. It’s something his own poor town seems to have plenty of, regardless of their modest living; he brings them a bottle filled with happiness and laughter, which eventually brings the two towns together as they share with each other what they have most of.

A Bottle of Happiness

This is a very charming, uplifting and joyful story with a strong fairy tale feel and unusual illustrations which young readers can try to recreate themselves; their patchwork/collage style is very intricate and eye-catching, and is bound to stand out among other picture books. My six-year-old son gave it a try, putting together all sorts of little triangles and squares making up the outlines of his own characters and then colouring them in; I’m very fond of books which bring out an artistic side in children. It’s a lovely story which will entertain children as well as teach them about how material wealth and happiness don’t necessary go together.

Marzena Currie

  • A Bottle of Happiness among the best books of the year by the Sunday Times
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