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Cinderella of the Nile is one of BookTrust’s Book of the Day!

We’re thrilled that BookTrust has selected Cinderella of the Nile as one of their ‘Books we love’ for July 2018! Read the review of  Cinderella of the Nile here:

Rhodopis, so called because of her rosy cheeks, is a rarity in the north of Greece, with her red hair and blue eyes. Despite her family’s remote location, pirates steal Rhodopis away, knowing that they can sell her as a slave for a great price, and she is bought and sold until she reaches Egypt. In Naukrakis, Rhodopis is bought by a Greek who takes pity on her and treats her as a daughter, much to the irritation of the three Egyptian sisters who also serve as servants in his house.

Seeing her sing and dance to herself, Charaxos gifts Rhodopis a pair of delicate slippers for her feet, but one is stolen by the god Horus, in his form as a falcon. Horus drops the slipper in front of the Pharoah at his palace at Memphis, who takes it as a sign and decrees that the owner of the slipper must be found. In accordance with the familiar version of the tale, the Pharoah finds Rhodopis to be the owner of the slipper and marries her.

As part of the “One Story, Many Voices” series, this version of the Cinderella story is based on an Egyptian tale, sympathetically illustrated by Marjan Vafaeian.

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