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Springtime is a period of growth, rebirth and change. There is opportunity during this lockdown, for children to explore nature and learn about different plants and flowers they find during their daily exercise or in their own gardens. As this time comes to an end and we look forward to summer and even more opportunity to see nature evolve, Tiny Owl has some titles for you to keep spring alive all year round! Our upcoming title Bloom encapsulates the feelings of spring and growth, in more ways than one! With the themes of kindness and friendship, Bloom shows children how their actions can help others grow, in nature and as a person. The bright, colourful illustrations bring spring to life on the page. Alive Again explores the cyclical nature of the seasons. During this difficult time, it can help children see that everything can return to how it was before. Spring will always return as will the feelings and experiences it brings.

Written by Amber Garvey, Tiny Owl intern

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