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By Lauren Sandford*

By reading meaningful books, children learn how to grasp and understand the world around us. Philosophical elements within children’s books are portrayed by beautiful illustrations and fun, inspiring text; readers don’t even realize they are thinking about these complex concepts. Children need wisdom, and can begin to cultivate it by reading stories. It is through reading that children engage with the world, travel through time and space, and experience enlightening, intellectual journeys whilst enjoying themselves along the way.


You might think to yourself, ‘children cannot possibly comprehend the intricacies of ethics, or the complexities of the mind, because, well, they’re children.’ But children are like sponges, they take in information, process it, and formulate their own conclusions in the end; they have the potential to discern between what is right and what is wrong. Or, they can simply begin to ask questions, use their imaginations and learn how to pursue their curiosity within the world.


A Rainbow in My Pocket

In the Tiny Owl story A Rainbow in My Pocket, a little girl writes down all of her thoughts and her dreams, and keeps them in her pocket. Through her words, the girl is wondering about the birds, the ants, the sky and the seasons – she desires to learn more and more! She also questions more intellectual notions, like the harshness of others, and the possibilities of the future. Children need stories like A Rainbow in My Pocket, to enlighten and inspire them, and to teach them the importance of inner thought and self-reflection. Reading quality books instills these ideals within our children.

*Lauren is an intern at Tiny Owl.

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