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Keep kids occupied with our half term book bundle

It’s the autumn half term holiday at last! The temperatures are dropping and the mornings are getting darker and wetter, and it’s not so easy for children to take advantage of their week of freedom by running around outside. If the rain is pouring down and you’ve got bored children in the house, why not encourage them to curl up in the warm with a book from our half term book bundle? We’ve picked out three of our titles with themes of autumn drawing in…


Alive Again

A perfect book to talk about the cycle of the seasons as the leaves fall from the trees and sunny days become fewer and further between. When the blossom disappears, a little boy wonders, will it ever return? And when the rains stop, have they gone forever? This is a story about understanding the world and learning to trust. How do we find that grain of hope that good things might return?

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A Bird Like Himself

One day a large egg is left in a forest. It hatches out a chick who needs care and love. But his mother isn’t there! So a wonderfully unlikely assortment of foster parents take over the job of trying to bring that chick up… It’s all going fine until winter starts drawing in, and birds like Baby need to fly south. Who amongst all the animals will be able to teach Baby to fly?

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The Elephant’s Umbrella

On rainy days in autumn, you can see busy streets becoming forests of umbrellas! But would you share yours? When the rain comes, the elephant likes to put up his umbrella and invite his friends underneath. One day the umbrella is swept away by the wind and meets the leopard and the bear, who have very different ideas about how to use the umbrella. Will the umbrella find the elephant again? A simple yet sophisticated tale about how generous we can be to others.

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