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Tiny Owl’s book recommendations for the summer

The school holidays are approaching, and with them (hopefully) more good weather! In these blissful weeks when children have more free time, it’s an ideal opportunity to encourage them to keep reading for pleasure. At Tiny Owl we have plenty of books that encapsulate the spirit of summer, perfect for reading outside in the sunshine!

Will and Nill

Two cats lazing around in the sun: an iconic image of summer! But these two cats are hungry, and their efforts to summon the energy to go and find food will strike an amusingly familiar note with anyone who’s ever owned a cat. The warm tones and thickly daubed brushstrokes of the illustrations evoke hot sunny suburbs the world over.

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Tahmineh’s Beautiful Bird

Sit outside on a summer’s day and listen to the birds chirping in the trees. Perhaps you’ll hear one as beautiful as Tahmineh hears in her tribe’s summer pastures. Maybe it’ll even inspire artwork as creative as hers! This is a wonderful book for learning about the customs of other cultures: the story’s illustrations form a vivid backdrop of everyday life in a Qashqai tribe.

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A Rainbow in my Pocket

Go out exploring. Absorb the blue of the sky, watch the ants at work, listen to the crickets. This endearing poem is full of a child’s musings on nature. It can inspire so many adventures – go and look for the sparrows in the trees or the fish in the river. There’s something too for those inevitable summer days when the rain pours down. Children might even write down their own musings, or create their own versions of the wonderfully whimsical collage artwork.

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The Parrot and the Merchant

The Merchant of this fable by Rumi might be richer and more of a business opportunist than your average holidaymaker, but there’s one way in which she’s like anyone else who goes travelling – she buys souvenirs! But in doing so she learns an important lesson about how to treat the things and people you love. Take this new paperback release on holiday with you, and embark on your own journeys of discovery.

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