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There’s Room for Everyone is quirky and fun!

Diane Barnes for Books for Keeps magazine wrote a fab review of There’s Room for Everyone by Anahita Teymorian! She gave it four stars. Read her review below!

In this quirky book, the protagonist ponders that there was room for him to grow in his mother’s tummy, there was room for all of them in their little house, including all his toys, room for all the stars in the sky, room for all the birds in the garden, all the books in the library, room for all the fish in the sea and the animals in the world — so, as he becomes a whiskery sailor and observes the world around him, he wonders why people fight over small spaces (train seats), and big spaces (countries at war)? He shares a secret with us: if we are kinder, and love one another then, in this beautiful world, there is room for everyone.

Anahita Teymorian is from Tehran, and feels very strongly about this theme. Her strange illustrations include very elongated parents, and a rather odd-looking whale. The colours are wonderful and the illustrations are fun.

Diane Barnes was a librarian for 20 years, mostly as a children’s specialist, working in Kent, Herts, Portsmouth and Hampshire, and Lusaka (Zambia) with the British Council.

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