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You probably remember your favourite book growing up. Perhaps it helped to make you who you are today. The books we read as children are so important to the people we become. That is why we are incredibly excited that tomorrow is Multicultural Children’s Book Day. Multicultural Children’s Book Day aims to raise awareness of diversity in children’s books, and to get more diverse books into classrooms and libraries. As a publisher that loves our multicultural identity we are keen to celebrate these goals.

We think that it is important that all children have access to beautiful translated books from across the world. These books brighten up the bookshops and libraries that they live in, and eventually they brighten up children’s homes and lives. As the books grow more tattered, the child becomes more loving and understanding.

Multicultural books teach love and tolerance and help to build bridges between different cultures. A child that has no idea who Rumi was will be delighted to find, when reading books such as The Jackal Who Thought He Was a Peacock or The Parrot and the Merchant, that the messages within those books are truly universal. If we flood bookshops with beautiful multicultural books, all children can enjoy the pleasure of seeing a book that they recognise and feeling at home. Multicultural books are for everyone.

The future can look bleak and filled with hate and intolerance towards people who we think are different to us. But, it doesn’t have to be this way. To build a better, kinder future we must start with our children because they are the ones who shape the future. If we help them to love, then the future will be filled with hope and peace.

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