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Today, BookBrunch has fully covered the results of our survey on picture books. Below you will find part of the article:




Picture books for all, says Tiny Owl

• 10 June 2016

Children’s book publisher Tiny Owl has conducted a survey of authors, illustrators, teachers and booksellers, asking ‘Are picture books for children, or can adults enjoy them just as much’?

The overwhelming response was positive, and having now compiled over 50 answers, the general consensus is that, “Picture books are for everyone.”

“To think of a picture book as being fit only for a child is to do it injustice,” said a statement from the publisher. “This is a modern predicament as only until before a century ago our ancestors enjoyed artistic illustrations alongside the writings. In fact, pictures not only helped them get more engaged with the text, but also increased the aesthetical aspect of the whole reading experience.

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