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Dare is featured in Bologna’s selection of 100 excellent picture books!

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Dare celebrates a child’s right to self determination and imagination!

We’re beyond excited to announce that Dare has been selected as one of 100 excellent international picture books by Bologna’s Children’s Book Fair for Pitti Immagine Bimbo 2020.

Dare among 100 international picture books celebrating imagination!

Bologna’s Children’s Book Fair held an exhibition featuring all 100 of the international books selected.

Read more about about the inspiration behind their book selection and why picture books like Dare are special because they celebrate the power of imagination through fashion, costume and art!






100 Excellent International Picture Books selected by Bologna Children’s Book Fair for Pitti Immagine Bimbo 2020.

Dare was on display at the exhibition held in Florence, Italy.

During Pitti Bimbo 2020, the children’s fashion show (16-18 January), the 100 excellent international picture books selected by Bologna Children’s Book Fair created the 5th Extraordinary Library – Flags! The Power of Imagination. Magical, symbolic drapes, belonging declarations, flags that speak of communities reaching beyond their borders, flags that defend rights, narrate and invent splendid worlds. Coloured flags – sewn together, worn, held on high, standards or magic carpets – flags proclaiming peace, pirate flags and flags announcing action and thought, flags devoted to urgent issues and new identities, opening up new horizons with new stories.
This exhibition is not just about geographical and political world’s flags, a subject much loved by children, encyclopaedias and classifiers. It is a journey through books that can be seen as symbols of children’s right to books, peace, inclusion, diversity, and environmental safeguard – characters that have become icons for all times of the right to self-determination and  imagination. The Extraordinary Library project goes on to encourage and support meaningful exchange between children’s publishing and childrenswear: two realms under continuous development that both narrate and empower the world of the child.

Curated by Grazia Gotti, Elena Rambaldi, Silvana Dola, Marcella Terrusi – Cooperativa Sociale Giannino Stopanni for Bologna Children’s Book Fair

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