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Bloom is a touching book about the power of positivity by celebrated author Anne Booth.

There was once a beautiful flower and a little girl who loved it. She talked to it every morning on her way to school. The owner of the flower shouted at her. The next day, the flower did not open. The angry man didn’t understand. He tried watering it. He tried giving it shade and he tried talking to it. He told it how wonderful he was, how important his job was and how lonely he felt. But it still refused to open. So, he asked the little girl. “Why don’t you tell it how wonderful it is and how much you love it?” she said. As he did so, his own heart filled with love. And the flower bloomed.

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UK only

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Anne Booth is a highly-acclaimed children’s fiction and picture book author and is known for the exceptional warmth and authenticity of her writing. She lives in a village in Kent with her husband, four teenage children, and two hens.



Read an interview with Anne Booth



Robyn Owen-Wilson is a children’s book illustrator and author. She loves to create illustrations with dip pens, watercolours and soluble graphite. She graduated from the MA in Children’s Book Illustration at Anglia Ruskin in 2019. She was shortlisted for the Batsford prize 2018 and the Searle award for creativity in 2019.



Read an interview with Robyn Wilson-Owen

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The Sunday Times

Filled with colour, creativity and warmth [...] a metaphor for how we should treat each other if we are all to flourish

The Guardian

A story of hope, persistence, and finding love in small things

Library Girl and Book Boy

An absolutely gorgeous book about kindness and the power of words

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