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Remember to speak words that lift others!

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This morning I checked my social media, as I do every day, and the hate and anger was too much. We are in difficult times and I wish, sometimes, people would stop and think before they fire off a message. This beautiful book teaches children to speak words that lift others. That when we do so love is returned to us. The story is of a girl who talks to a beautiful flower each day on her way to school. Until the owner of the house shouts and tells her not to do it. The flower closes and doesn't bloom again. The man doesn't understand. He tells the flower how lucky it is to be in his garden and how important HE is. It's only when he stops and speaks to the girl he really understands the impact words can have. I love the message on this book of generosity and kindness. The illustrations do a fabulous job of depicting the juxtaposition of the happy busy family home and the big lonely home of the man. And what can happen when we choose our words with care. So today, remember to speak words that lift others. Speak words of kindness and understanding. You may well receive more than you expect in return. Publisher @tiny_owl_publishing Author @anneboothauthor Illustrator @robynwilsonowen

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