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Bright illustrations bring key messages to life – Scope for Imagination

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There are many lessons to learn!

We’re delighted that Bloom has made it into Scope for Imagination‘s Favourite Picture Books of 2020! Read Kate Heap’s wonderful review below.

Words have power – power to build up, power to tear down, power to encourage and power to defeat. Words can cause someone to wilt but also help someone to truly bloom. Such is the wonderfully significant message of this beautiful story.

Every day, a lovely little girl visited a magnificent flower on her way to school. She would speak to it gently and tell it just how special it was. She loved the flower and made sure she told it so each time she passed. One day, the owner of the flower, an unhappy man, heard her speaking to his flower and shouted at her to go away. Without the little girl’s kind words and daily encouragement, the flower began to wilt. No matter what the man did, he could not get it to bloom. Eventually, the self-centred, angry man came to realise that he was not giving the flower what it needed. He was not telling it how wonderful it was, how happy he was that it was there and just how much he loved it. Once he realised the importance of his words and attitude, he discovered the secret – the magic words to make the flower bloom again.

There are many lessons to learn from this gorgeous story. Lessons about how we speak to each other, the importance of appreciation and kindness, and how speaking positively to someone else makes us feel good inside too. The man needed to learn that he couldn’t do everything on his own. Asking for help is ok and working together makes everyone happier.

The bright, beautiful illustrations bring these key messages to life. Readers are drawn into the story of the wilted flower and long for it to bloom again. The contrast of the friendly children and the lonely man leaps off the page with expression and emotion as the story of kindness and community takes centre stage.

People need more than just their very basic needs fulfilled in order to grow. Food, water and shelter are very important but love, care and kindness are essential for everyone to truly bloom.

Bloom has been published by Tiny Owl.

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