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Bloom is a tale of love, care and selflessness

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Bloom is Eagle Primary’s book of the month!

We’re delighted with this lovely review of Bloom from Mr Watson as part of Eagle Primary School’s Reading Newsletter! It’s been selected as their KS1 Book of the Month! Read what Mr Watson had to say below.

Featured in The Guardian as one of the best picture books, and in The Sunday Times as children’s book of the week.

There was once a beautiful flower and a little girl who loved it. She talked to it every morning on her way to school. The owner of the flower shouted at her.

The next day, the flower did not open. The angry man didn’t understand. He tried watering it. He tried giving it shade and he tried talking to it. He told it how wonderful he was, how important his job was and how lonely he felt. But it still refused to open.

So, he asked the little girl. “Why don’t you tell it how wonderful it is and how much you love it?” she said. As he did so, his own heart filled with love. And the flower bloomed.

MR WATSON SAYS: I was fortunate to read this story just before it was published last month. I really is a delight – It reminded me in many ways of The Selfish Giant. The delicate images and a powerful story of love, care and selflessness combine to give a story that you will share and read over and over again – I did!


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