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Bloom shows us the redemptive role nature can play in our lives!

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We’re delighted with this wonderful review of Bloom from OtherWise over on Instagram! Have a look!

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Bloom may have just blossomed into our lives, but the story it tells has it roots in some of the classical ideas of children’s literature. In a washed out world, a girl notices the beautiful flower growing outside a colourful house. The elderly owner is displeased and shoos her away, and without the kind words of the gentle girl, his prized plant wilts and withers. So far we are very much in Oscar Wilde’s The Selfish Giant territory, but the nuance here is in the now-ness of it all: our villain-but-not-really is elderly and lonely and the council estate style housing sets this lesson not in fable but in a place like our own. Bloom, by Anne Booth and Robyn Wilson-Owen, is a spirited story about neighbourliness, community and the redemptive role that nature can play in our lives. I’m going to get the teacher to read it for our virtual assembly today. @tiny_owl_publishing Part of the ‘Hope In A Scary World’ collection. You should buy directly from Tiny Owl as this would help them most. #teachersofinstagram #teachersfollowteachers #teacherlife #primaryeducation #primaryteacher #poetry #poetrycommunity #writepoetry #kindergarten #ks1 #ks2 #teachenglish #primaryenglish #outdoorlearning #childrenspoetry #teachwriting #writingforpleasure #bookcorner #readingcorner #childrensbooks #childrensbookstagram #childrensbookreviews #childrenspublishing #bookblogger #reflectingrealities #diversebooks #picturebooks

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