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A touching book about the power of positivity! – BookBairn

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We’re delighted with this fantastic review of Bloom from BookBairn over on Instagram! Have a look below.

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QOTD: Are you a glass half full or half empty person? I’m endlessly positive – so much so I was once criticised on a teaching placement for being “too enthusiastic”! Each day, a little girl talks to a flower in her elderly neighbour’s garden and it blooms for her attention. But the owner of the flower is none to pleased to find her talking to his flower and her angrily bans her from his garden. The flower no longer blooms, it refuses to open. He tries everything but it still won’t open. Defeated, he asks for the advice of the little girl and she recommends that he talk to it with love. So he does. And the flower blooms. And the mans heart is filled with love. A touching book about the power of positivity, this is a beautifully-illustrated book about feelings and friendship! (Sent by the publisher @tiny_owl_publishing for review.)

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