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We love the message Bloom conveys!

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Talk to the flower with love, says the little girl

Huge thank you to Story Snug for celebrating Bloom with this review as part of their June 2020 round-up! Read more below.

Many authors and illustrators have had to cancel or postpone book launches and haven’t had the opportunity to promote their books in real life. We invited authors, illustrators and publishers to share news of their picture books published in June 2020 so that we could share them with you.

Authors and illustrators depend on money earned from school visits and other literary events, which are currently not taking place. If there is any way that you can support them please do. One way of giving support is by buying their books, preferably from your local independent book shop.

Each day, a little girl talks to a flower and it blooms from her attention. The owner of the flower, an angry man, bans her from his garden. The flower refuses to open. The angry man tries everything. But still it does not open. Defeated, he asks the advice of the little girl. Talk to it with love, she says. So he does. And the flower blooms.

We love the sound of this story and the message that it conveys. Bloom has just been chosen as The Times Children’s Book of the Week – huge congratulations to Anne and Robyn 🙂

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