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Read a lovely short summary of Bijan and Manije by our very own Delaram Ghanimifard for Outside In World, to celebrate their tenth anniversary.

Bijan & Manije

As the year of our tenth anniversary comes towards a close, we asked ten children’s book creators, publishers, translators and specialists to each select a translated title from the last ten years – and to tell us why they chose it.  Their selected book might be a title they have translated or published, their all-time personal favourite or just a book they feel deserves more public attention.

Delaram says: “This is a tale from the Shahnameh, or Book of Kings – a poetry collection of Persian myths and legends, by the 10th-century poet Ferdowsi. It’s a beautiful story of love across borders, with an empowered princess and Iran’s greatest hero. Translating stories like this into English ensures that we can keep bringing wonderful ancient tales to new modern audiences.”

  • Bijan & Manije is a finalist in international picture book award!
  • The story of Bijan and Manije spoke to me – Nicolette Jones. Link


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