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Bijan & Manije

Love is in the air, and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. What better way to show your love than through a story?

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Bijan & Manije reveals the true meaning of love; showing how you feel doesn’t always mean buying chocolates or flowers. Love is putting the people you care about before yourself. Love is gaining the strength to overcome hardship. Love is accepting and embracing your differences. Love is forgiving, selfless and tenacious.

This ancient epic love story from Shahnameh (Book of Kings) is for people of all ages and cultural backgrounds. The story, artistically illustrated by Marjan Vafaian is a heartwarming tale about forbidden love and the willingness to make that love everlasting. By a stroke of chance, Bijan meets Princess Manije and they fall in love instantly. Though culturally divided, Bijan and Manije can’t bear to lose each other, even with the threat of danger looming over their heads. When their love is exposed, Bijan is imprisoned and Manije in banished from her kingdom. Their love is not meant to be – or is it? Manije sacrifices her own safety to visit Bijan and ensure that he is taken care of. Eventually, Bijan is freed by the powerful knight Rostam, and Bijan and Manije are free to express their love and become husband and wife, happily ever after.

An illustration from Bijan & Manije

From its genuine, heartfelt characters to the beautiful, exquisite illustrations, Bijan & Manije is the perfect story to express your love this Valentine’s Day.

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