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Best Test is ‘short, sweet, and funny’!

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We’re loving this fabulous review of gorgeous Best Test from Kirkus! Check it out below!



Shrew referees a contest for Rat, Frog, Bird, Mouse and Squirrel as they vie for a tasty strawberry.

Bird and Frog each assert ownership of the strawberry (“Because I’m the best.” “am the best”). Frog claims to be the best at making funny faces, while slightly larger Bird insists, “Biggest is best.” Additional animals show up, touting other skills. Shrew creates a map for an obstacle course that requires each animal to run, jump, reach high, color a picture, guess the contents of a bag, and make a funny face. First one to the end—and the strawberry—will get the prize. The map—and the text’s eventual punchline—provides an opportunity for a rudimentary understanding of time and distance. As the characters make their way around the track, they help each other, realizing that they all have different talents and skills. The humorous ending will surprise those who expected a lesson in strawberry-sharing, but the art makes it clear that the animals are nevertheless delighted to have used their collective power to boost each other and to have fun together. The illustrations are over-the-top adorable. Each brightly colored animal is easily identifiable by its body shape but also possesses winsome and humorous expressions and movements. To get the most out of this story, readers will want to pore over the images, making this one best suited to one-on-one sharing. (This book was reviewed digitally.)

Short, sweet, and funny. (note from the author and the illustrator) (Picture book. 3-5)

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